US Mine Corp. is a comprehensive mining and exploration company that manages its own projects and provides contract services to the North American and global mining industries. Having operated both open pit and underground mining operations, US Mine Corp. has the diverse and extensive range of experiences to operate projects efficiently and profitably.


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2017 Annual Financial Report


2017 Annual Financial Report


2017 Annual Financial Report


2017 Annual Financial Report

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Corporate governance

The Directors are committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance commensurate with the size, stage of development and financial status of US Mine Corp. and its subsidiaries. A description of corporate governance matters is routinely contained within the Company’s annual reports.



US Mine Corporation’s code of conduct demonstrates our commitment to seeking and delivering best practices in ethics and integrity in every aspect of our business. While directors and employees are obligated to follow this code, we expect our leaders to set the example – to be a model in every respect. And we expect all those with supervisory responsibility to exercise that responsibility in a manner that is caring, receptive, considerate, and respectful.


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