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Supplier of critical industrial minerals, including kaolin clay, ilmenite heavy mineral concentrate, and silica sand





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US Mine Corp is a mineral producing company that manages its own projects in the manufacturing of critical industrial minerals that are used in a vast majority of applications. We are the number one producer of kaolin clay and silica on the west coast, and a leading producer of ilmenite heavy mineral concentrate. US Mine Corp has diverse and extensive range of experience to operate projects efficiently and profitably.

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With projects throughout North America US Mine Corp is able to develop a wide variety of mineral resources.


We integrate environmental management into all facets of our business, ensuring environmental risks are identified and managed to achieve positive environmental outcomes.  We acknowledge that mining and processing are a major consumer of energy, water, and other resources and we work continuously to reduce energy consumption and emissions and maximize the responsible management of materials. We aim to minimize the impact on the environment in which we operate and minimize our lasting footprint.

Exploration and Expansion

US Mine Corp is always looking to expand its portfolio of projects.  The company is currently engaged in exploration and project development activities in numerous properties throughout the western United States with an emphasis on projects in strategic regions of California and Nevada.

Ione Silica Deposits

Privately owned, Fully permitted, building products, glass mannufacturing products, fill sands, arena sands, equestrian sands, bunker sands.

Ione Clay Deposits

Privately owned, Fully permitted, building products, agricultural products.

Mineral production

US Mine Corp produces a wide variety of minerals used across industries including Greenstripe, Air floated kaolin, and Amador.

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Take a look at a few of our projects throughout North America

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