Ione clay

Ione Clay Project Overview

The Ione clay project consists of extensive land and mineral resources in Ione, CA, and is a privately owned, fully permitted active mining operation.  US Mine Corp is actively producing clay products that are distributed for use throughout the United States.

Currently, the United States produces approximately 6 million tons of kaolin clay per year, and US Mine Corp is the largest producer of kaolin clay on the West Coast.  At our current production rate, US Mine Corp’s Ione Clay Project has more than 100 years of mine life available, which is facilitating the rapid expansion of our operational growth.

Located ~35 miles southeast of Sacramento, this facility is the only producer of kaolin clay west of the Mississippi River.  As a leading producer of raw materials, Ione Clay provides resources to major manufacturers in various industries throughout the United States.

The high-quality kaolin clay produced at Ione Clay meets the strictest industry standards.  Its central California location provides easy distribution of kaolin clay throughout Northern California and all of the Western United States.


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