Ione silica

Ione Silica Project Overview


The Ione silica project is located in Ione, CA approximately 35 miles Southeast of Sacramento, CA, and is a privately owned, fully permitted active mining operation. The facility is proud to be a leading producer of raw silica materials for the glass industry in California and throughout the western United States.

The Ione silica project is the largest producer of Silica on the West Coast and supplies major industrial applications throughout the Western United States due to its abundant resource, efficient operation, and central distribution location.

The USGS notes that “because of their geographic distribution, environmental restrictions, and quality requirements” many other resources are not economically viable.

For this reason, our strategically located silica operation with more than 100 years of estimated mine life is expected to continue supplying manufacturing, construction, and entertainment venues for decades to come.

We are proud that our products are used in a variety of applications that reach into every American’s life, including glass production, manufacturing products, and sands for some of the most prestigious sporting arenas and golf courses in the Western US.


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