Amador Fire Clay Data Sheet

Amador air-floated fireclay’s plasticity and brightness make it an ideal choice as an addition in the manufacture of stucco and building compound products.  The consistancy of the product and reliability of the production process make this an ideal product for high temperature applications..

Technical Data Sheet

Amador Fire Clay

Physical Analysis

Typical Values. These do not represent a specification.

PARTICLE SIZE % – 2 Microns 88
pH (40% Solids) 4.0 – 5.0

Chemical Analysis

Typical Values. These do not represent a specification.

SILICA (Si02) 54.0%
ALUMINA (A1203) 29.5%
IRON OXIDE (Fe203) 2.2%
TITANIA (Ti02) 1.4%
LIME (CaO) 0.2%
MAGNESIA (MgO) 0.35%
ALKALIES (Na2O, K2O) 0.45%
L.O.I. 12.3%
The data given above are based on averages of test results on samples selected from routine plant production by standard A.S.T.M. test procedures where applicable. Variations from the above data may occur in individual tests. These results cannot be taken as minima or maxima for specification purposes.
The information contained herein is based upon data believed to be accurate and current. However, no guarantee or warranty of any kind, express or implied,
is made with respect to the information contained herein. US Mine Corporation accepts no responsibility and disclaims any and all liability for any harmful effects
that may be caused by purchase, resale or use of, or exposure to, its products. Customers or users of our products containing silica must comply with all
applicable domestic and foreign health and safety laws, regulations, rules and orders including, but not limited to, any requirement that customers or users
perform a risk assessment with respect to material or the particular workplace in which it is to be used and to take sufficient risk management measures.

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