Lab Assistant:  Job Description

General Description: To collect and process samples from various areas of the plant and mine in the lab.

General Job Function: To collect silica sand samples from the areas that are required and also requested for testing.   They are logged and processed using various forms of lab equipment depending on the specified test.  You then distribute those results to the proper areas, specified management/supervisor and Lab Manager.  The tests are ran using a specific set of standards to ensure consistency and can only be altered at the direction of the Lab Manager. Precision and cleanliness are crucial for accuracy and quality control.  Other forms of testing and job duties you are subject too, but not limited too.

Required Skills:

-Basic Reading and Math Skills

-Basic Computer Skills

-Ability to stand and walk for long periods of time

-Learn to operate various forms of lab equipment with understanding their primary function

-Must be able to follow verbal and written instruction

-Ability to work in a fast paced environment with little supervision

-Follow all plant and MSHA safety regulations

-Good communication skills

-Work well with others

-Ability to lift 50 pounds

-Must be flexible to adjust to the needs of the plant

-Have good time management skills


The lab functions under the hours of sand plant production and can vary depending on the time of year and customer demand. The plant runs on a 24/7 schedule.  Applicant must be flexible and can work any shift as needed.  Overtime becomes necessary at times to keep up with inventory for our customers.


High School Diploma or equivalent

The Company:

US Mine Corporation, mines, processes and markets quality Sand and Clay products. Our industrial minerals are marketed worldwide. Our substantial ore reserves, reconditioned manufacturing site, rich new product pipeline and worldwide distribution network position US Mine Corporation for continuous growth well into the future. For More information, please visit the website at  EOE

Inquires to :  Robert Carver / Plant Superintendent